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  • 15 April, 2022 22:06:36

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News Desk: Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) is a non-profit organization led by young people which is constantly working to build a progressive and talented generation. They dream of young people who will contribute to significant social change in the future. YSSE believes that young people will bring positive change to the world through their new ideas and great deeds.

As part of this, YSSE regularly organizes educational and skill-building activities for young people. So that in addition to increasing their skills, they are able to contribute to the society by proving their superiority. To this end, YSSE has already undertaken a variety of up-to-date activities and initiatives, including regular career mentorship programs, Reimagining Education for Vision 2041, internships, and Youth Campus Ambassadors. In addition to these events, YSSE has a number of long-term regular events, one of which is "Career Talk". In addition to this, young people ask their unknown questions to those successful people. And guests answer those questions in the light of their experience.

Through this "Career Talk", especially students or young people who are preparing to enter their workplace can build a network with these people who are successful in various fields, which makes it easier for them to get various advice about their career. Following this, YSSE's Marketing and PR Department is going to organize a program called "Powering the Youth 1.0".

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"Powering The Youth 1.0" is based on "SEO friendly content writing" and "Ace The Presentation With PowerPoint". SEO friendly content writing is now gaining recognition among many as a potential alternative career. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of the growing demand for digital marketing and the rapid expansion of information technology and business ventures. Currently the main purpose of creating content is to convey a specific message to a certain number of viewers according to their needs. So, if some tactical process is followed while creating the content, it will help to reach the desired message to the desired audience very easily. Also, the whole program is designed with SEO in mind, which is very timely for young and new professionals.

The Founder and President of YSSE, Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf Hossain expressed his views on the occasion. He said, “There is a need for presentation in every aspect of our daily life, be it in our education or professional life. Those who have sufficient knowledge of PowerPoint presentations can always put themselves one step ahead of others in both academic and professional life. And the participants in the "Ace The Presentation with PowerPoint" session will easily enrich their knowledge of creating different, unique and customized slides. Content writing is also a very important part of career building for today's youth. So, YSSE has organized a program called "Powering The Youth 1.0" with these two issues in mind. This program will definitely be one of the most innovative programs organized by YSSE for the youth. "

Khairul Sadman Farabi, Head of Marketing and PR at YSSE, CSCA said of the event, "Only skilled young people can bring about positive change around the world with their innovative thinking. POWERING THE YOUTH 1.0 "is an initiative of the Marketing and PR Department of YSSE, which will undoubtedly benefit every young person involved in this event."

The "Powering the Youth 1.0" program is set to begin on Sunday, April 18, 2022, at 10:00 p.m. The zoom meeting link will be emailed to all guests and participants before the event begins. YSSE's Marketing and PR Department always organizes programs that help young people keep pace with this competitive world. These programs are not limited to regular sessions. Rather, awareness of various issues is raised among all through various methods and arrangements designed with care. YSSE also seeks to motivate members to be socially responsible and generous. The members of this platform come from different environments and educational institutions across the country, who are committed to bringing equality among all and positive change in society. And with that in mind, YSSE continues to strive to inspire young people with a sense of responsibility and to promote them as innovators and entrepreneurs.

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