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Learn how to turn off app updates on your phone automatically

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  • 30 March, 2022 09:07:51

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News Desk: There are Android users all over the world. That's why the Android operating system and almost all the apps send regular updates thinking about security. In addition to protecting the customer from hackers, updates are also sent to add new features.

Some updates have to do themselves. Again, some updates are automatically downloaded and installed from the Play Store. However, it is possible to turn off this feature if you want.

You can turn off automatic updates and install all updates manually. However, absolutely can not be without updates. If you continue to use the old version of the app for many days, then you may have to pay compensation later.

If you want, you can turn off the download option of a particular app. Again, if you want, you can turn off the auto download feature of all the apps at once. But let's find out how to turn off app auto update on android phone-

> Open the Play Store from your Android phone.
> Selecting the profile option at the top right will open a drop down menu.
> Select the settings option here.
> Then expand the Network Preferences option.
> Now tap the Auto Update Apps option. Here you will see multiple options in the Up Up menu.
> Choose the Dont Auto Update Apps option. After that your phone will not automatically update any apps or games in the background.

If you want to turn off a specific app update -
> Open the Play Store and open the app that you want to turn off auto-update.
> Now select the three dot menu at the top right.
> Then uncheck the Enable Auto Update box.

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