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Bangabandhu's 'Bangabandhu Corner'

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  • 21 March, 2022 10:04:44

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Mejba Rahman, Bashemurbiprabi: ‘Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’ is the name of an indomitable quality. Bangabandhu lovers want to know his life story out of curiosity. In the meantime, Bangabandhu Corner has been formed in different educational institutions of the country to tell this story to the people.

The Bangabandhu Corner in the library of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (BASHEMURBIPRABI) in Gopalganj is a little exception. Historical still images taken from the pages of thousands of books containing Bangabandhu and his life story seem to be the solution to the profound question of Mujib's life.

'Bangabandhu Corner' was launched on 21st February 2015 on the ground floor of the Central Library of the University. Initially, it started with a small number of books, but now there are about 1300 books. These books are about rhymes, stories, essays, poems, history, fairy tales and novels about Bangabandhu and liberation war. The books of various reliable authors of this Bangabandhu Corner have given Bangabandhu an opportunity to know more. In the corner there are more than five hundred stills collected from the whole life of Bangabandhu with memories in the country and abroad. Besides, there are still images of various protesters of the war of independence and the torture of the Pak army. All in all, the corner will satisfy any thirst for knowledge about Bangabandhu and freedom fighters.

While the campus was open, a large crowd of students gathered in this part of the library to inquire about Bangabandhu. They are drowning in the book for hours. Knowing about Bangabandhu's political philosophy and thoughts can quench their thirst for knowledge.

In the meantime, the library authorities have taken special measures to ensure a pleasant environment for the students at Bangabandhu Corner. They furnished the corner and ensured a fully air-conditioned room with the necessary seating arrangements.

Expressing her feelings about Bangabandhu Corner, Nipa Khanam, a student of Statistics Department, said that Bangabandhu Corner is a very important place for students on campus. Through this we are able to know about a special chapter of our independence through the biography of Bangabandhu.

Sheikh Abdur Rahim, another student of the Department of International Relations, said that the creation of Bangabandhu Corner in the library has inspired the students to be inspired by the spirit of Liberation War. Besides, the corner will play a role in developing their morals and thinking and inspiring them in the ideals of Bangabandhu.

Library librarian said. Nasirul Islam said, the most important place of our library is this Bangabandhu Corner. If the university is open, more than a hundred students come here every day. They gathered in this corner to get to know Bangabandhu anew.

Asked about their future plans for the Bangabandhu Corner, he said: A large number of books are actually not being kept in place due to insufficient space. In the meantime, the names of books about Bangabandhu and Bangladesh worth about six lakh rupees have been recorded. These will be collected as soon as possible.


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