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New features are coming for Facebook group

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  • 14 March, 2022 08:58:59

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News Desk: Facebook is constantly coming up with all the new features for its users. Facebook is the medium that most people in the world use for social communication.

About 1.6 billion Facebook users use the group every month. Facebook is not only exchanging messages with users but also offering various income opportunities.

This time the platform is bringing an important tool for the group. According to the company, the new tool will help prevent fake news.

This new tool will monitor all groups. Delete fake news from that group automatically. This technology will be used in all the Facebook groups around the world.

The whole thing depends on artificial intelligence. Facebook will monitor all the groups that are currently on Facebook and all the groups that will be opened in the future. As a result, if a member or group admin makes a fake post in a group, that special tool will immediately delete that post.

Maria Smith, community vice president of the Facebook app, said in a blog post that admins of each group can use the software's automatic moderation feature.

It will depend entirely on the group admin. The group admin can take advantage of that if you want, even if no one wants to keep that option. This technology has already been introduced. They are also getting good feedback from there.

Meta has been working for a long time to stop fake news. This special feature will be added to WhatsApp after Facebook.

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