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The stock market fell sharply at the beginning of the transaction

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  • 09 March, 2022 09:13:20

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News Desk: The stock market plunged sharply at the start of trading on Tuesday (March 8), the third working day of the week. At the same time, the shares and units of most of the companies have written their names in the list of price reduction. Besides, there is a slowdown in transactions.

In the first half hour of trading, the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) DSEX fell 6 points. And the transaction has been a little more than 100 crore.

Along with the Dhaka Stock Exchange, the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) index is also witnessing a sharp decline. At the same time, the shares and units of most of the companies have been listed in the price reduction list.

Trading on the DSE started on this day by increasing the share and unit prices of most of the companies. As a result, the DSEX, the main price index of DSE, increased by about 50 points within 10 minutes of the transaction.

Since then the picture has changed. Shares and units of one organization after another are listed in the price reduction list. As a result, the index falls sharply.

At 10:37 a.m., the DSE's main index, the DSEX, was down 69 points at the time of writing. Among the other two indices, the DSE-30 index declined by 44 points. And the DSE Shariah index has decreased by 16 points.

So far, 41 stocks and units of DSE have been listed on the DSE. In contrast, the price of 292 has decreased. And the price of 34 remains unchanged. The transaction was 126 crore 35 lakh rupees.

Besides, the overall index CASPI of Chittagong Stock Exchange has decreased by 102 points. 2 crore 79 lakh has been transacted. Of the 119 companies participating in the transaction, 19 rose, 7 declined and 13 remained unchanged.

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