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Introducing Grievance Redress System with Citizens Talk

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  • 08 March, 2022 13:18:00

Photo: CNI

News Desk: Citizens Talk has reached people from every socio-economic stratum among the various ingenious initiatives of a2i. Starting in May 2020, Citizens Talk launched with an incentive to portray people who have put a great fight with misfortunes, survived, and won. It offers a platform for good storytellers, regardless of age, gender, and physical disabilities.

Citizens Talk discusses the initiatives taken for people by a2i. For increasing citizen centricity and making the government services easily accessible, a2i is constantly innovating solutions that align with the demand of changing times. Such solutions include- Muktopath, 333, Konnect, e-nothi, MyGov, and others.

Citizens Talk has, till now, arranged an overall 12 episodes with storytellers from all working environments who have some experience receiving services through a2i initiatives. Through the show, they share respective user analytics and problems faced while using the service. a2i motto is to make their services accessible and inclusive to all citizens so that no one is left behind. Citizens talk gives emphasis to the opinions of people with disability. Disable people face problems in every sphere of their life. From education to career and regular citizen rights, their struggle is unparallel to the ones we know. It is important to hear from these people where they can voice their demand for equal rights. Citizens talk establish a connection between these people and policy innovators.

Citizens Talk episode 12 focuses on MyGov- a government service platform where citizens can access any kind of government service, whether forms, records, or helpline numbers, and acquire the necessary service with the easiest effort.     

Participants of the show were two storytellers, and among the guests was Deputy Secretary to the government and National Consultant-Implementation Specialist of a2i, Mohammad Salahuddin. Also present was Vashkar Bhattacharya, National consultant, Accessibility a2i. The show was moderated and supervised by Mr. Manik Mahmud, Head of Social Innovation, Cluster, a2i. The particular episode was about MyGov,

The storytellers explored if the website and associated mobile app are accessible to persons with disability. They expressed their feedback on MyGov and gave suggestions on how a2i can achieve improvement. Mr. Amzad Hossain is a visually impaired person who is currently working on Brac Bank as a call center officer. Amzad Hossain suggested a2i can employ disabled people as beta testers to the platforms so it will be more convenient to get user insights from the launching period. Shahidul Islam is a physically impaired, wheelchair-bound person, and he suggested that the platforms should be made accessible to people with neurological challenges as well.

At each citizens talk episode, the suggestions and feedback of the storyteller are greatly appreciated and later sent to relevant a2i teams for incorporating them into the service. It is a great initiative taken by the policy initiators that ensures the government's priority concern for the citizens of Bangladesh.         

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