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Remittances to the country reached কোটি 1.5 billion in February

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  • 03 March, 2022 08:40:08

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News Desk: In the second month of February of the year, the expatriates sent remittances of 149 crore 70 lakh dollars, which is 12 thousand 85 crore rupees.

The previous month had sent কোটি 160.43 billion or Rs 14,600 crore in January, but in the outgoing February it has come down to কোটি 21 crore or Rs 1,634 crore. This information has been known from Bangladesh Bank sources.

According to the central bank, the expatriates sent ৯ 149.60 crore or Tk 12,065 crore in February this year. Which is Tk 2,306.50 crore less than the previous month (February 2021). In February 2021, the remittance was 16 crore 59 lakh dollars or 15 thousand 162 crore 50 lakh rupees (one dollar is equal to 75 rupees).

And in the first month of January 2022, the expatriate Bangladeshis sent কোটি 1.6 billion in foreign currency or remittances to the country. Which is less than the same month of the previous year (January 2021). In January 2021, remittances to the country amounted to 196 crore dollars or 16 thousand 756 crore rupees. As compared to January last year, the expatriate income has decreased by Tk 2,236 crore in January this year.

Industry insiders say remittance inflows to the country have declined slightly since January, with some reasons behind it. Expatriates who were stranded in the country are now returning to work in those countries. Remittances will increase if they return to work in full force. Moreover, many new countries have started recruiting workers. Again, from the first day of the new year, the government has increased the cash incentive in remittance flow from 2 percent to 2.5 percent. Due to these reasons, remittances will increase in the coming days.

In the first six months of the 2021-22 fiscal year (July-December), remittances to the country reached ২ 1,239 million. In Bangladeshi currency the amount is 6 thousand 21 crore 30 lakh rupees. Which is ৭ 269.62 million less than the same period of the previous fiscal year. In the first six months of the previous financial year (2020-21), remittances to the country reached ২ 1,294.20 million. The amount in the domestic currency was one lakh 10 thousand crore rupees.

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