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The spring of love turned red with tulips

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  • 14 February, 2022 16:52:36

Photo: Collected

SK Doyle: There is no end to people's fascination with flowers. There is no end to the fascination with the attraction of perfection flowers from buds. Almost every flower is named after a woman. Puspakali draws close like a woman's beauty. This time on the World Valentine's Day and the spring of the season, the wet heart of love was colored by the majestic flower tulip.

This tulip is made up of twin lovers, from newlyweds to flower lovers. Someone is giving a gift to a lover, someone is proposing for the first time in a new love and someone is giving a gift to a loved one in a new life. The fascination of love has been spreading since morning. And the new flower has increased the eleven levels. Rajshree tulip of foreign beauty is spreading love. The heart is red. The couple's bond matched the gift of flowers. The fragrance is spreading hand in hand. Countless minds are thirsting for the fire of Phagun's love in the color of Shimul's flower. That is why Tentulia in the north has become a beacon of beauty in the ceremony of tulip. The gardens of Darjipara-Sharial Jot village bordering the border have come down to buy elusive tulips. Visitors are buying tulips at the entrance price. Winter has brought the first blossoms of the Netherlands, the main country, to blossom, and as much as the desire, so much love is reddening all the visitors. On Valentine's Day, tulips are captivating the hearts of flower lovers more than roses, marigolds, gadiolus and long stick roses. Crowds are flocking to the gardens to win hearts with the gift of tulip to the lover, love or the first loved one of life. Fascinated by the form of tulip, he is capturing the image of tulip on his mobile phone. And the tulipmoy is spreading the color of love many times on various social networks including Facebook.

The non-governmental organization ESDO is spreading fragrance in the experimental cultivation with 6 women farmers. Twelve types of tulips including yellow, red, pink, orange, white and purple are attracting the attention of the royal smile. A new couple named Isharat Mau and Simon Zakaria have come from Thakurgaon to give tulips to their loved ones on Valentine's Day. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. They were picking flowers around the garden. If you want to talk, the newlyweds say, our love marriage. Earlier, we got close to each other by proposing love with roses.

This time I will color our love with tulip gift. It is unthinkable that tulips will bloom in this area. It's a lot of fun. Two varsity girls were seen rushing to buy tulips to propose to the man they love. They bought 4 tulips of two colors in the garden. At first he didn't want to talk shyly but later he said, I saw tulips with real eyes for the first time in my life. I bought it for the people of my choice. Rachel, a florist, said that many flowers have been sold since the morning of Valentine's Day. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. Flower grower Ayesha Siddique said that they are cultivating tulips on five hundred acres of land in collaboration with ESDO. 5 thousand tulips are smiling in the garden.

Although thousands of flowers have already been sold, I have kept the rest for Valentine's Day. Majuk mind in love with tulips. Fill the minds of loved ones with loving couples. At the same time, other women flower growers like Ayesha are dreaming of making a profit by selling flowers.

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