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MoU between AMAL Foundation and LETs

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  • 07 February, 2022 20:06:54

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News Desk: Amal Foundation, a non-profit organization in Bangladesh, has commenced a partnership with LETS, a USA based charitable organization to introduce the LETS reproductive health, human development and basic health and wellbeing course in Bangladesh.


Esrat Karim Eve, founder of AMAL Foundation and Kristin Van Wey, founder of LETS joined the partnership Agreement ceremony through a webinar. The primary task of this partnership is to translate the LETS course about reproductive health awareness into Bengali. Being the sixth most spoken language in the world, translating this course into Bengali will enable thousands of people to become enlightened about this crucial issue.


Many families in Bangladesh struggle to educate their children about reproductive healthcare and wellbeing due to lack of awareness. There is no well-formed reproductive health curriculum offered by the schools and colleges. Amal Foundation and LETS joined hands to address this issue through this partnership.


With the assistance of the Amal Foundation, LETS aspires to administer the course within five pilot communities while assessing its effectiveness and making culturally relevant adjustments. The primary goal is to make this course available to the 210 million Bengali speakers on the planet, empowering their communities to create sustainable homes for each and every child through educating them about reproductive healthcare.


We convey our best wishes to this praiseworthy initiative.


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