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This time record production in tea cultivation is in Bangladesh

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  • 20 January, 2022 15:12:31

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News Desk: Bangladesh has produced a record amount of tea in its 16-year history of tea cultivation. Last year, the highest production of tea in the country's tea gardens was 9 crore 75 lakh 6 thousand kg.

A statement issued by the Bangladesh Tea Board on Wednesday said that a record amount of tea was produced in all the tea gardens of Bangladesh in 2021.

Earlier in 2019, the country had set a record in tea production. The production of the service was 9 crore 60 lakh 69 thousand kg of tea. Although production fell slightly during the Corona epidemic in 2020, this time the level of tea production has surpassed the previous record of 2019.

Earlier, in October last year, the Tea Board had said that the highest production of tea in the history of tea production was 1 crore 45 lakh kg in a month.

Tea Board Chairman Major General. Ashraful Islam was quoted in the notification as saying that the overall activities of all the tea gardens in the country were normal under the direction of Hon'ble Prime Minister even in the cowardly situation. Financial incentives from the government, regular monitoring and counseling by the Ministry of Commerce and Bangladesh Tea Board, relentless efforts of garden owners and workers, timely distribution of fertilizers at subsidized prices, maintaining tea auction centers in compliance with hygiene rules The country's tea production has surpassed all past records.

He added that hands-on training of tea growers in the northern region through the Camellia Open Sky School and the provision of modern technology have resulted in 41 per cent more tea production in 2021 than in previous years from flat tea gardens and small tea plantations alone. Last year, 1 crore 45 lakh kg of tea was produced from all these tea plantations.

According to records, the country's first commercial tea garden was established in 1854 at Malnichhara in Sylhet. Since then, the highest production of tea was 6 crore kg in 2016, which surpassed the production of 9 crore 60 lakh kg in 2019. This time the record was surpassed.

Meanwhile, last year the Tea Board's goal was to increase the country's tea production to 100 million kg. Although that is not possible, 9 crore 65 lakh 6 thousand kg of tea is produced from 16 tea gardens of the country. Exceeding the target which was quite close.

Out of these 16 tea gardens in Bangladesh, 137 are in the greater Sylhet region of tea cultivation. There are 91 tea gardens in Moulvibazar, 25 in Habiganj and 19 in Sylhet. Apart from Sylhet region, there are 21 tea gardens in Chittagong and 2 in Rangamati. On the other hand, there are 6 tea gardens in the northernmost district of the country, Panchagarh and 1 tea garden in Thakurgaon.

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