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Jahidul's fate changes in quail birds

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  • 14 January, 2022 15:02:13

Photo: CNI

Thakurgaon Correspondent: Zahidul Islam Zahid was living in Bismillah dry wash shop in Hajipara area of ​​Thakurgaon city. But; The dry wash business collapsed due to the lockdown. What will happen as a result of the store closing in lockdown? Jahidul could not find any solution. After much thought, during the lockdown, he decided to start a quail farm. Such thoughts work.

During the lockdown last year, Jahidul started keeping quails under the name 'Bismillah Quail Bird Farm' with land lease in Salandar area of ​​Thakurgaon Sadar. He has not had to look back since two months after giving the farm. However, he alleged that he did not receive any assistance from the Animal Resources Department. Jahidul also hoped for more employment by increasing the size of the farm with the help of the government. At present, there are 25 to 3 thousand quail birds in Jahidul's farm. Every day 22 to 23 hundred eggs are being collected from the farm and marketed. And now 6 people work regularly on his farm. The family of 6 more people including Jahidul is doing well from this farm, said other employees of the farm. Farmer Zahidul Islam complained that he had come so far without any advice and cooperation from the Animal Resources Department.

Now 5/10 quail birds are dying every day in winter. But no one from the animal kingdom ever came to see his farm. He once brought a few vaccines for Ranikhet disease. He added, "I now have six people working on my farm. By selling farm eggs, after deducting all the expenses, there is a profit of about 30 thousand rupees per month. I am doing well with my family with the money of the employees. However, if I get any kind of government assistance or loan, I will increase the scope of the farm. ' He said, "If the number of quail birds increases, egg production will increase. More people will be employed through this quail farm. ' That is why Jahidul hopes for cooperation from the government. Jahidul said that a quail bird starts laying eggs in 45 days. Regularly lays eggs every day for 60 days. Now my farm produces 22 to 23 hundred eggs every day. The traders collect the eggs from the farm and take them away. This winter, steamed cakes and boiled eggs are sold by the side of the road. There is a good demand for eggs. Sumon, who works on the farm, said, "The birds are fed and watered for three days. The quail farm is cleaned every 7 days. Diseases of this bird are very rare.

But now many birds are dying in the cold. Besides, the cost of raising birds is increasing due to the increase in the price of bird food. ' Sharif, the manager of the quail farm, said, "There was a shortage in the family. Now the fate has changed by keeping quail birds. Prosperity is back in the world now. It is possible to benefit if you can properly feed and care for the quail farm. Manager Sharif expressed his desire to start his own quail farm. Sariful, a shopkeeper at the bus stand, who came to buy eggs, said, Eggs are sold at a retail price of 12 rupees. Now on the side of the road steamed cake, boiled quail eggs are sold in the shop of boiled eggs at the price of 5 rupees per pitch. These eggs are very nutritious and delicious. ' Dr. Md. Shahriar Mannan, Veterinary Surgeon of Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila Livestock Department said that many people are becoming self-sufficient by keeping quail birds like chickens.

Diseases of quail birds are less. There is no need to be vaccinated and no worm medicine. Many have chosen quail rearing as a profession for self-employment. Now the quail birds may die in winter. That's why if you give a hit, the death rate will be reduced a lot.

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