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Allegation of digging a pond on crop land in Chatmohar

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  • 11 January, 2022 11:23:44

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Pabna Correspondent: There have been allegations of digging ponds freely in various bills and crop lands in Chatmohar of Pabna. The soil of the excavated pond is being sold in trucks and trolleys at unauthorized brickfields. There is no government approval for digging the pond. Even if the soil is sold by digging the pond with excavator (Veku) day and night, no one has any problem in this regard.

On Monday afternoon, they went to Binyabari Gournagar Chayani Beel in Nimaichara Union of the upazila and saw that a pond was being dug by cutting the crop land of Beel with an excavator. Those who have no approval. Soil is being sold in 5 mini trucks and kuttagari (trolley made by shallow engine) in different places including local brick kilns. There is no way to understand from a distance as there is low land in the middle of the bill.

It was found out that some people including Liton, Babu, Saiful were involved in cutting and selling this soil. Due to the removal of soil, the surrounding crop lands and roads are being damaged. Even at night the soil is cut. A tong house with straw has been built next to it for staying the night.

"We have the approval," said Liton. No problem. If you want to see the approval paper, show a DCR paper of 2020. In other words, they are digging the pond even after coming in 2022 by showing the approval paper of 2020. Asked if he could sell the land, he could not give a good answer.

According to the information, ponds have been dug in Langalmora beel of Chaikola union, Chiril beel of Mathurapur union, Khairash and Katakhali of Dibigram union and different beels of Katakhali, Haripur, Nimaichara and Handial union of the upazila in the last few days. Which did not have any kind of approval.

According to the locals, the owner of the crop land is doing this by signing an agreement with the local soil trader to cut the soil. Extreme damage is being done to the main road and other public roads due to the impact of the dog dog. Besides, these dogs carrying dirt are having various problems including shortness of breath while walking in the dust.

According to multiple sources, the crop land is being sold at Rs 500 to Rs 600 per dog cart. The soil sold by dog ​​carts is going to different places including brick kilns. Due to all these vehicles the roads are becoming impassable. The surrounding land is also being damaged. After informing the officials of the upazila administration, they stopped digging the pond. After a while it starts again. This is how the festival of digging ponds and selling soil in crop lands is going on.

Chatmohar Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) said, "We are sending people to search now." Whenever we get news, we stop immediately. Legal action is also being taken against them. A fine of Rs 15,000 has already been imposed at two places in Mulgram and Dibigram Union. He also thinks that it is difficult to resist if people are not aware.

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