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Bogra citizens frustrated by the heavy traffic and the sound of horns

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  • 11 January, 2022 11:23:08

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BOGRA REPRESENTATIVE: Intense traffic jams and unbearable horns of battery-powered autorickshaws across the city in Bogra have taken the breath away of the citizens. Despite repeated initiatives by the authorities to resolve the traffic congestion, there is still no sign of any positive change due to lack of coordination among the responsible departments and slowness in making the right decisions. Meanwhile, in the alleys of Bogra, about two hundred battery-powered autorickshaws are being illegally built every day, and the administration has not taken any visible initiative or step to stop the production and sale of these. As a result, after the capital Dhaka in a few days, Bogra is going to become a city of traffic jams. Is there anyone who really cares about this problem even after it has reached such a serious stage? Such a question for the common people of Bogra ...!

On Sundays and Mondays, various important roads of the city such as: Satmatha, Thana Junction, Baragola, Kanthaltala, Fateh Ali Junction, Jaleswaritala, Chelopara, Colony, Khandar, Tinmatha, Charmatha, No. 1 Railgate of the city are observed. The people are in a state of disarray almost everywhere including roads. Powering only battery powered and CNG autorickshaws. Pedestrians do not have the ability to walk 10 meters. The sidewalk is completely occupied by shops. And the sound of the battery-powered autorickshaw horn ringing in the ears of pedestrians. Anyone who sees this city will think that he has come to a strange city. Illegal parking everywhere, lack of manpower in the traffic police, lack of sincerity in the duties of many of those who are in charge, untimely entry of big cars into the city, various problems including traffic jams in the city, the suffering of traffic jams is extreme today.

However, if we want to draw the example of Rajshahi, it can be said without any doubt that Rajshahi is one of the most tidy and clean cities of North Bengal where people are no longer suffering from traffic jams. This change did not come overnight. Collectively, the concerned authorities of Rajshahi have set an example for the whole country. But why isn't Bogra, a modern city free of traffic congestion, built on the two and a half thousand year old civilization of the historical city of Pundravardhana? Who should come forward for this? The question of who will come forward to save the people of Bogra by solving this problem is now returning to the mouths of the people of Bogra. But will we move further downward? Or will the concerned administration of Bogra give a gift of a modern city? Thousands of questions from the people of Bogra, but where is the person to answer?

Who will take the real initiative? Municipality, district administration, district police or a joint decision will come? We first visited Bogra city and first talked to Rezaul Karim Badsha, the mayor of Bogra municipality. He said the way battery-powered autorickshaws are being produced illegally every day, the city of Bogra will become unsuitable for the movement of common people in the next five years. He has repeatedly written to the higher authorities of the government hoping for a smooth solution to the autorickshaw issue but no decision has been taken yet. However, they have come a long way in reducing the violence of battery-powered autorickshaws on behalf of Bogra Municipality to reduce traffic congestion and this was also discussed at the last meeting of the District Law and Order Committee last Sunday, said Municipal Mayor Badsha.

Talking to BPM, District Superintendent of Police Sudip Kumar Chakraborty said, "Even with the meager manpower of the traffic department, they are working with the highest professionalism in the busiest city like Bogra." But the traffic congestion and the violence of illegal vehicles, including battery-powered autorickshaws across the city, need to be addressed by the district police alone. He said several plans have already been taken to solve the traffic congestion problem through coordination with Bogra Deputy Commissioner and Mayor. He hoped for a visible change in the city by the month of January with transport leaders, people's representatives, leaders of responsible quarters and all concerned concerned. The district police chief also said that the traffic department would be made more responsible by streamlining it.

Meanwhile, while talking to Bogra Deputy Commissioner Md. Ziaul Haque on his mobile phone in this regard, he said that all the concerned people including the district administration, district police and Bogra municipality have taken immediate steps to bring these daily traffic jams and battery-powered autorickshaws in a disciplined manner. A decision will be taken and it will be implemented. He also called upon the general public to be aware of the need to comply with traffic laws, including clearing sidewalks and closing down illegal parking lots.


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