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YSSE’s Behind the Journey completed 70th episode!

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  • 26 December, 2021 19:57:13

Photo: CNI

News Desk: The Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) is a non-profit organization run by young people dedicated to reducing extreme poverty and addressing youth unemployment through social enterprise. YSSE focuses on various aspects of youth development. One particular is to motivate youth people for entrepreneurship activities as well as social development. To ensure that, YSSE has worked in various aspects but one particular is to organize a talk show named “Behind The Journey” with various successful personalities and give the people an idea and backstory of those successful individuals. The main focus point is to inspire youth people via listening to the story of those successful individuals and give an idea of the path they want to take. 

It’s a Facebook live talk show that mainly discusses ‘Entrepreneurship Journey’. Audiences from all over the country engage with it and they easily get expert advice from the industry leaders. It has been running for almost 2 years. Every week, YSSE hosts one edition of the “Behind The Journey” show. This remarkable show has just celebrated its 70th episode, which is a source of pride for YSSE.


Prestigious individuals like country’s leading entrepreneur and high profile successful person from various sectors appeared here to provide suitable guidance to the youth. The excellent part of the program is that anyone may easily communicate with these respected speakers by just leaving a comment to answer any of their questions. In all other episodes YSSE has been bringing some prestigious people from diversified fields. 

The Founder of YSSE Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain stated, “YSSE is working for establishing a better environment and development among youth people. Especially, in this undesirable Covid-19 situation when lots of youth are going through many difficulties, those talk shows will motivate them to work hard and achieve their goal.”

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