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In Jhenaidah, the son went to get married in a bullock cart to fulfill his father's hobby!

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  • 09 March, 2021 12:37:57

Photo: CNI

Jhenaidah Correspondent: The words of this song were sung about 20,30 years ago in my bullock cart. The father of the son put the lyrics of this song in the bullock cart. No, the bride and groom went to the bride's house in a bullock cart. At the end of the confession, return home with the bride in the same way. This is exactly what happened on Monday in Kachari Tola village of Harinakundu Upazila of Jhenaidah district.

But in this modern age, Khurshid Safat Shuvro, the son of Khurshid Shuaib Babul, the teacher of Kachari Tola village, took the bridegroom to fetch his wife as a hobby of his father. It is known that long ago there was a wish to marry Khurshid Safat Shuvro, the son of teacher Khurshid Shuaib Babul, in a bullock cart, so today's arrangement is to fulfill that wish. The villagers flock to see these old traditional grooms carrying passengers and playing music on the mic in the back. Today, on the way to extinction, the people of the two families are very happy about it. In this regard, teacher Khurshid Alam said that in the mechanical age, everyone goes to the bride and groom in a well-known and expensive car, but I arranged the opposite and showed that people are still very happy in that old way.

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